the great gig in the sky

the great gig in the sky

art by tatum, chad’s 13-year old niece
Although many novels emphasize the importance of love, my connection with Chad was unique and unforgettable. Without needing to speak, we had a profound understanding of each other. Chad used to say, "Vision is the ability to hit a target that others can't see," and our bond is beyond what is visible. Although we are mostly quiet, our minds are always active. I am grateful for the thirteen years we shared, as Chad taught me valuable lessons that will stay with me forever. Dealing with my emotions after Chad's passing has been a challenge for me. To express and process my feelings, I found solace in art. Art has the power to evoke emotions, and I used this to pay tribute to our bond by creating a representation of our mutual third eye and love for music.
Art by Tae DeMarco

Chad DeMarco

May 1988 - April 2023

Thank you all for your endless love and support. 

In honor of Chad’s birthday and life, May 10th will be forever recognized as a holiday at Prodigy Resources. As Chad would often say, “Let’s keep this fiesta rolling.”
“Sometimes you have to be a lion, to be the lamb you really are”
Dave Chapelle
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