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A great passion of Chad's was studying the human condition as it relates to the "game of life and business", what makes us tick, and how to stand out. Among the many papers found in his apartment, one was entitled "Business Development Playbook by Bad Chad." In studying many resources and concepts, he chose the below 50 "Best Plays" based on his own experiences in life and business.

Chad was a firm believer that your "uniqueness is your source of power." This meant not reinventing the wheel, but rather making your own "sales collage" by identifying 5-7 concepts or "plays" that resonate, adopting them, and then creating your own unique spin.
  1. Keep connected with your why.
  2. Find the third door.
  3. Habit speaking.
  4. Rig the system.
  5. Diagnostics (cause versus effect).
  6. Doing enough right.
  7. Plan all the way to the end.
  8. Reverse engineering.
  9. Finding 6th gear.
  10. "Act as if" - adopting personas.
  11. Speak in hymes.
  12. Use the most powerful metaphors.
  13. Half-life (when the curveball is sliding).
  14. Take opportunity/take risk.
  15. Battlefield determines the weapon.
  16. Kill the roaches.
  17. History does not repeat itself but it does often rhyme.
  18. Disarming HR.
  19. Dance in the rain.
  20. Invest time wisely - mistakes are costly and time-consuming.
  21. Become "that guy/girl".
  22. Swim with the current.
  23. Stale water stinks.
  24. Success is dynamic.
  25. Skate to where the puck is going.
  26. Who has really got you?
  27. Learn your native tongue.
  28. Take the road less traveled.
  29. Waiting for the other person to die = bitterness. Don't do it.
  30. Zoom out.
  31. Game theory.
  32. 3-5 moves.
  33. Find your suffering (pleasure versus pain).
  34. Figuring out your recipe.
  35. Always fully survey the scene.
  36. "Google it". You can't Google experience.
  37. Find your opening.
  38. Who is in charge?
  39. Winning move.
  40. Know your worst-case scenario.
  41. Spend time in the right space - it isn't about chasing what is important, but more about losing the thing that you care about.
  42. Cracking the code - unlock full potential.
  43. Offload risk - volatile assets.
  44. Picking the bottom.
  45. Hunter, gather.
  46. Happiness Comes from expanding your pleasures.
  47. Bigger heads are easier to get hit - you need to protect your neck.
  48. Network effect - engagement levels.
  49. Big doors swing on little hinges.
  50. Losers lose, winners press winners.


As much as Chad enjoyed living the "good life" and aspired to "make it big," his readings and memos also showed his desire to help and make a real impact.

While Chad was just getting started, below are a few of his quotes and reflections. We will expand on these as we dig deeper into his voice memos, notebooks and strategy notes. As Chad said in a voice memo in early April, "I'm sharing what I've learned to make it easier for others to go after what they want, faster... to get out of the batting cage sooner," followed by "whatever gets your rocks off." He also noted that nothing is purely original thought, but rather the result of several influences and experiences that helped shape and influence him.
“Human psychology and language are such a big factor. You can effectively create value out of thin air simply through your word choice.”
“In order to move forward, I think it is helpful to examine your own motives, your shadow, and your negative tendencies."
"There is tremendous potential if you can understand people."
“Your uniqueness is your source of power.”
“When you put everything on the line, you are able to take quantum leaps.”
“Humans are actors. I have a dark side in that I can be envious.”
“Focus your energy exclusively on solving problems.”
"Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether your anger and frustration are just projections of what you want to achieve."
"Start to look for patterns. Smart people know how to pivot."
“Know your audience. It is all about tonality.”
“To be interesting, combine things that aren’t meant to be combined.”
"I don't want to operate in a system. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable."
“I recognize acting and thinking are much easier than cultivating wisdom.”
“I'm constantly working on honing my skills, gaining self-mastery, and toughening up from the inside out."
"Lead with service."
"The key to understanding others' viewpoints is often about moving away from self-absorption. We can get locked in our own worlds."
"It is hard not to be a prolific mistaker, but it comes down to aligning with what you desire."
"I recognize that it is possible to manage emotional reactions and defensive postures in order to resist the immediate pleasures of distractions."
"In idle minds, the devil plays. Keep conditioning yourself."
"You can feel that there is a gravitational pull against you whenever you want to do great things.”
"When it comes to making fun of people,I don't like to do it personally. I don't hate any part of society that I'd ever want to truly offend. If anything, I want to make fun of every funny, nook and cranny of society so that no one feels left out.

Chad DeMarco

May 1988 - April 2023

Thank you all for your endless love and support. 

In honor of Chad’s birthday and life, May 10th will be forever recognized as a holiday at Prodigy Resources. As Chad would often say, “Let’s keep this fiesta rolling.”
“Sometimes you have to be a lion, to be the lamb you really are”
Dave Chapelle
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