This website is a tribute to Chad's unique spirit, an opportunity to celebrate his life, and a reminder that passion, dedication, and commitment to growth can make a lasting impact.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Epistemophilia Noun

epis·​te·​mo·​phil·​ia -mōˈfilēə
plural -s
love of knowledge
Specifically  : excessive striving for or preoccupation with knowledge
Throughout Chad's career and life, he was always passionate about what makes people tick. He loved finding patterns and connections between seemingly unrelated things. Chad was always thinking about strategy and his next move. He thrived on new ideas, lived by his own rules, and sought to be different in recognizing that “one's uniqueness is your source of power."

Over the past year, he had been working on pulling all of his insights together which we discovered in notebooks, journals, sales strategy documents, and voice memos. A deep dive into sales psychology led to a study of his own experiences, how they shaped him, and what he had learned.

Chad also understood human nature and recognized that despite our differences, flaws, and unique wiring, we are all connected in our desire to be accepted, heard, and seen.

This website will continue to evolve, just as Chad was always working to do.

His Inspirations

  • Thoughtleaders
  • Sociologists
  • Philosophers
  • Sales Gurus
  • Neuroscientists
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Marketers
  • Historical Figures
  • Psychologists
  • Poets
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Influencers and Changemakers
  • Physiologists


  • Perceptive – “The chess game of business and life”.
  • Self-Accelerator – "You have to keep moving.”
  • Unconventional –  “Find the third door.”
  • Introspective – “Reflect. Refocus. Recalibrate. Reinvent.”
  • Quick-witted  –  Subtle “zingers” - you need to “get the joke.”
  • Expert Sifter – “Study patterns and connect the dots.”
  • Individualist –  “Be the exception, not the rule.”
  • Realist – “Let’s see who is swimming naked.”
  • Futuristic – “Always be thinking about your next move.”

34 things Chad loved


Sneakers and Watches

A witty zinger
 His family and friends


George Carlin, Bill Burr, Chapelle

Freedom and his Motorcycle

Social Engineering



Thom Yorke: Radiohead and The Smile
Jimi Hendrix

Jeff Buckley

Being a protective uncle

Social Engineering
Throwing barn parties ;)

Connon McGregor

The word “SquidD!#k
Sour Gummies
Sons of Anarchy
The ocean
Harvey Specter

Sour Gummies
Patrick Bateman


"I'm not for everyone"
"A master of perception."
"I've seen that movie play out."
"Over expression = needy"
"That is the golden nugget."
“That is what is going on in Bad Chad’s mind”
“Diamond on my left, earth bracelet on my right.”
“My next mission will be the Karma police.”
"When people are so tone deaf to what is going on in the room, it is enough for me to sit back in my chair and assess the nearest exit."
“Smooth criminal.” (after getting access to his sister’s apartment when she wasn’t home)
“Once I’ve exhausted all of the Spanish words I know, we sit quietly and spot targets that are about to get hustled.” (about trying to learn Spanish and dating Cuban girls)
“I’m on a roll”. “In the rhythm.” “In the zone.”
“Not trying to throw a head spinner here.”
“Good chat, dude. Keep taking those hits like a champ.” (Chad to sister)
“He did a muscle flex on his intro call.”
“They aren’t bad for squares.”
“The club is actually a utopian society if you practice a pure abstinence policy.”
“The minute things get weird, I’m out.”
“Dad would have had to retire a long time ago if he chose politics.” (during the Hunter Biden controversy)
“She’s an empath. She got screwed with the same stick as you in life.” (to sister)
“I wish I was born with nothing so I could be appreciative of the little things.”
“I’m a genius ;), not a madman.”
“Gotta fire up that brain.”
“The key is tonality so you don’t throw people into German Shepard mode.”
“I’ll provide the guitar tabs until they know the music theory.”
"Snitches get stiches."
“Going to club, then to the airport, so I won’t miss it.”, followed by… “Worry about your checklist.” (To sister regarding not missing his 5am flight to meet Tad, the Dad)
“Papi is struggling with the language barrier”…
“Zero empathy. Love it.”
“Keep that in my back pocket.”
“This army has NO guns right now.”
“I’m at my happy place,”
"I'm a tasty dish but it is not something you have every night."
“I can work like a leprechaun on [his] shoulder.”
“Couple more years for Reese. Not much of a wordsmith yet. She has to learn to speak sarcasm and respond to being ignored before we get to really know each other. Sarcasm needs to flow on command.” (About creating bonds with his 2-year-old niece, Reese).
Chad, “About to box with my one friend.” Sister, “From the building?” Chad, “Yeah, the boxing bag is in the building.” (Text exchange when Chad first moved to DC)
"If you are PC, that is typically not my favorite thing."
“It’s time to hire people that are used to taking arrows in the back all day.”
“No one needs a hater or a negative nancy.”
“Can we get some candy. Licorice. Red. Sour patch. We’ll party.” (to sister)
“It’s a chess play for him.”
“Everyone’s all amped up.”
“All in the eyes chica.”
“He’s on the Chad spectrum.”
“Love the hotel. Real nice. You are helping my brand out.”
“I hope she knows bad Chad misses and loves her.” (about niece)
“Just naired my chest and shaved my b%$!s.”(When sister asked if he had a productive day).
“I’m preparing for the storm.”
“We could do a yin and a yang.”
“I’m going to be a silent observer. Focus.”

Quotes that Resonated with Chad and How He Operated

Chad DeMarco

May 1988 - April 2023

Thank you all for your endless love and support. 

In honor of Chad’s birthday and life, May 10th will be forever recognized as a holiday at Prodigy Resources. As Chad would often say, “Let’s keep this fiesta rolling.”
“Sometimes you have to be a lion, to be the lamb you really are”
Dave Chapelle
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