One Nantucket

One Nantucket Morning

Note to Chad from Mom
On the porch in Nantucket is
the perfect place to wail
If I had my way
On my windsurfer we would sail

Nantucket without you
just isn’t the same
Especially when sitting
Here in the rain

Even though you
had a very subdued way
Your not being here
tortures us everyday

You constantly got
What was really going on in the scene
but in your quiet way…
You were barely seen

Chad you are so clever
and so very funny
Your humor is amazing
I love you honey

You’re short on words
But you have such a great wit
In celebration of you
some candles we lit

Okay Dad’s home with the groceries
So I’ve got to unpack
Robs and Tae are still
hitting the sack

Teri is heading to Jack’s baseball
We hope he has a big hit
Dad’s going to go watch
for a little bit

Before he goes, Dad’s doing his blood pressure
We hope his reading is well… 
Unfortunately, too much walking 
has made his ankles swell

The sun is coming out now
It’s going to be a nice day
maybe Robs and I 
will take another walk with Tae

Chad look down on Robsie
Help her not be so sad
Keep leaving little signs
of our cute lil’ Chad

We know you’re still with us
in your own little way
And how you show us you’re here
is for you to say

We love you to the moon
and the sky and the sun
And know that wherever you are Chadakins
That you are havin’ fun

Love, Y.M.F.M.I.T.W.W.W.

Deb Deb
June 2023

Chad DeMarco

May 1988 - April 2023

Thank you all for your endless love and support. 

In honor of Chad’s birthday and life, May 10th will be forever recognized as a holiday at Prodigy Resources. As Chad would often say, “Let’s keep this fiesta rolling.”
“Sometimes you have to be a lion, to be the lamb you really are”
Dave Chapelle
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